We help you build relevant & sustainable Modern Workplaces for today, and the future.

WE EMPOWER PEOPLE AND THEIR WAYS OF WORKING. We are modern work guides specializing in consultation and solutions that bring real value to our clients. We are experts in the areas of Strategy, Sustainaibilty, Workplace and Engagement, where we deliver relevant, sustainable and adapted solutions and services for the Modern Workplace.

Together. ​We can.

Are you looking for inspiration or facing digital change within Workstyle Innovation? Let’s get in touch, we want to get to know about you & your ways of working.

Together. ​We can.

Are you looking for inspiration or facing digital change within Workstyle Innovation? Let’s get in touch, we want to get to know about you & your ways of working.

Together. We do.

Time to optimize your ways of working and gain better business results? We deliver a range of Professional Services which can guide you on your journey towards change.

Keolis Customer Journey.

Keolis is a world leader in public transport and is currently in a strong development phase. To strengthen their ambitious sustainability work and be an attractive employer, they want to create a digital workplace. Microsoft Surface and Microsoft’s partner in Modern Work, Co-Ideation, have been an important part of that investment, bringing benefits such as durability, productivity and increased security.

Co-Ideation Summit 2024 - Fireside talks

Thank you to all our partners and customers for joining Summit-24 on March 14th!

This year we shared insights & knowledge around the topics of;

  • AI / Copilot
  • Strategic planning for the Modern Workplace
  • Workplace design – Global solutions
  • Sustainable workplaces and solutions
Don’t want to miss out on our next Summit? 
Send an email to summit@co-ideation.com to register on the summit list.

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The Co-Ideation Process

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We do. Adapted Solution & Services.

We analyze our client’s needs and potential, to condense their adapted Solutions and Services for Modern Work. We are skilled in both user experiences, marketing and technical development. Our work ranges from small efforts to larger Company wide Catalogues and Strategic plans for Global launches.

We are an experienced team working in many fields and always strive to bring real value to our clients.

Microsoft Services

We are proud partners of Microsoft in the area of Modern Work. We help our clients boost productivity and navigate hybrid work, all to create real value in our clients’ organizations.

The nature of the workplace has changed, and clients are interested in new digital solutions to empower their employees to thrive in a remote or hybrid environment. Being a partner in Modern Work, we specialize in using Microsoft 365 solutions and services to help clients work, learn, organize, connect, and create.

About our Services

When planning for a Modern Workplace, it needs to support hybrid work as well as reflect the desired user experience. To improve upon the user experience, it is important to build an inclusive work environment with the right tools to support the end-users work processes.

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About. Empower your

Hybrid workforce.

Co-Ideation Summit.

The Hybrid Workplace is a reality now. To get there, it is essential to create a plan for how to engage and work together with the organization’s emoployees, as we co-exist and collaborate from different locations. 

Build your succesful hybrid work environment by focusing on these three cornerstones: People, Process & Places. Understand the work that eneds to be done and set up a strategy for how you want your employees and the company to prosper, starting with the individuals and work prcesses behind it all. Are you ready to take the next step towards building your hybrid work environment? The training starts now. 


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Want to do great things, but need help to realize your ambitions? Give us a call or send an email telling us about you and your visions. Let’s take your communication and collaboration to the next level. Together we can do great things.